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Hi Julia,

I see that you know your stuff with regards to Self-Employment Tax!
Can you please tell me on a S.A Form it asks if you want to put a lump sum for Expenses or break it down. Under what circumstances is it better to break it down or put it as one lump sum?




  • Julia Crouch
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    Thank you for your compliment but I can assure you that there are many on these forums with far more experience and know how than me.

    Anyway to answer your question my understanding is that you may put your total expenses in box 19 on the short tax return and box 10 on a full return rather than analyse out, if your turnover is below £30,000.

  • Vonni
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    Hi Julie

    With reference to the SA form whilst it is an option not to analyse the expenses out when you meet the under £30k turnover threshold in my opinion the more information you provide to the Revenue, by providing a breakdown, the less likely that queries will be raised.

    I file on line using the free Revenue software, so the short tax return is not an option; I cannot see any reason for not providing a full breakdown unless you are uncertain which category an expense goes in to.

  • groundy
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    I couldn't disagree more with Vonni. Never give HMRC anything that you don't have to. If your turnover is below £30k there is no need to breakdown the expenses.
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