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Please can somebody clarify the following for me I am having a bad day and my brain is not functioning; here is what I am trying to post journals for stock on sage (for the quarter). Transactions already on system are as follows:

Stock WIP 1003 £10000
Closing stock 5201 £10,000

New stock to post for the quarter is £15,000?

I thought to clear old stock first you
Cr stock 1003 £10,000
Dr O/ Stock 5200 £10,000
Then new posting for stock
Dr Stock 1003 £15000
Cr C/stock 5201 £15000

But when you look at it now you will have closing stock as 10,000+15000=£25000

Pls enlighten me where I am going wrong!!


  • Anne Boleyn
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    Stock query

    Hi Mc25

    I would post stock purchases as purchases.

    If you are starting the new year, last year's closing stock should now be showing as opening stock in the new year but if it isn't then I would post a journal to correct it.

    Opening stock 10000
    +Purchases 15000
    -Closing stock (XXXXX)

    Cost of sales yyyyy

    Hope this helps
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