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Hi All,
I am a distance learning student with BPP looking to enter the exams for units 5 & 6 in Dec, but when I go to enter my exams on the AAT website I cannot find a centre for BPP near the london area. Does this mean that there are no more places available? :confused1:

Can I take my exams at a different companys office e.g Kaplan?

Many thanks for your help


  • mikes
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    Being a distant learning student, you would enter exams at as an external student and chose from the list of venues, that are accepting them. However as you are registered with BPP, i would have thought that you could have done it at one of their venues (i did mine a couple of years ago at Shepherds Bush), but the only ones in London i can see are London SAM by Liverpool Street Station, Uxbridge College in West London and another in Dartford i think. I would check with BPP to see if you can do it at their centres.
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