I want to do Technician!

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Hi everyone.

I have a slight problem..... I did intermediate last year but failed the FRA skills test. I was told that I could redo the module and join the technician once I've passed the skills test. My employer yesterday agreed to pay for this so I gave the college a call today to get the payment stuff sorted. When I called today they told me that they aren't running the technician course this year:confused1: I decided to check out come other colleges as I live in Somerset and luckily there are quite a few colleges. I called one and they said that students have to start in September. Another college were pretty useless as the course co-ordinator was off (I'm seeing a pattern with college lecturers being off!) and she didn't have a clue what I was talking about. I was also really suprised to see such a difference in fees between colleges- One was double the price of the other! I really don't want to wait until next Sept to start technician. Has anyone had similar issues with colleges? Should I try long distance courses? I took a quick look and thought they were even more expensive. (I know my employer is paying but I'm thankful for this so I don't want to choose the most expensive option unless I really have to).



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    on each level of AAT at my college students have started through the year, usually either September or January mainly bcos the units run Sep-Dec exam and Jan-June exam.

    You would then need to either sit the remaining units in Sep-Dec 2010 OR if you felt it possible study the other units yourself and take all in June!

    If it is just a skills test that you need to do tho I would imagine the college could let you start in September and complete that alongside the exams?? One student with us started back in September last yr for technician having failed an Intermediate exam in the June, in sept she was studying for the intermediate exam as well as the technician!! this i would assume is down to the colleges descression as she technically hasnt passed intermediate!!

    Hope it helps!!
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    Well I passed both my skills tests but failed both exams and my tutors suggested that I just do part of Technician level and do it over 2 years. Fortunately I did CBE resit and passed FRA so can now do the whole course. Still got to do ECR though. Think if you passed both exams maybe they would let you do part of the course and resit the skills tests.
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