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Can anyone help me??

I'm registering with CIMA but it asks about any convictions

In February, I was done for drink driving and had a 12 month ban - reduced to 9 months.

Does that count - or would they not deem it as a 'serious' conviction??


  • taskey
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    if you were convicted of something, then you should put it on. a conviction is a conviction.

    where i work we have to fill out security forms and i have know people to not be employed as they failed to show their convictions, even if it was just a parking ticket.

    be upfront and honest.

  • Nagra
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    No I haven't got anything against being honest - I'm just wondering whether they deem it serious enough to mention....
  • taskey
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    the thing is, if you dont mention it and they check and it flags up, you will probably be denied membership etc.

    I know there was a previous question like this and they person got accepted as they stated the conviction.

    Hope that helps

  • lou123
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    You were recently convicted of an offence and therefore you must disclose it, there is usually somewhere on the form that asks what the conviction is for so you have the opportunity to say it was a driving offence.
  • Nagra
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    It's not on a form, its online and it just asks whether you agree or disagree, when you click on disagree it tells you to email declarations department - did that last week and i've not heard anything since.

    Enrolment is tomorrow - so i'm starting to get a little stressed out!! lol
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