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Hi all..well i started technician level yesterday at college so this is my first thread on this level.....
Work have agreed to let me do my unit 10 on them which i was a little worried they wouldnt but my deputy manager want everything ran past him first before i submit even to my tutor which is cool cos that means he has to be my mentor!!! lol
just wanted to ask one quickie....i will be studying the personal taxation unit as a option but the business one isnt an option at my centre i attend....i asked my tutor if i could study it on my own and get help from her if i needed it and then do the exam in june..(personal tax is dec exam), was just wondering if this was a unit i could study on my own as i will have the books but they are just not teaching it at my centre as i said,,,,just wanted some opnions really + i know you lot will help me when i get stuck too....



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    Hi Rachy

    If you have the books then you should be fine. All the books are provided with a view to giving you all the information you should need to pass the exams. There are practice papers on the AAT website as well as in the books. Our college didn't teach the Audit simulation, but did offer to buy them in and let us use one of our evening classes to do the simulation. We taught ourselves over the easter break and did the simulation when we went back. As long as you have the will power and the time to do the study on your own, there is no reason why you can't take the exam.

    Good Luck!!
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    I did it and passed successfully!! so I don't see why not
  • rachy1975
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    thankyou both....gonna go for it...nothing to lose
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