Do you pay fee for changing the pathway?

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I just wonder…..
Did anyone change from NVQ Technician level to Diploma pathway?
Did you pay any fee?

Any help much appreciated.



  • PGM
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    Is one better? Never really understood it.
  • AK002
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    I had a look at this with Kaplan the other week..

    Doesn't cost anything as far as i'm aware.. (unless of course Diploma costs more than NVQ?)

    But i weighted up the options and decided to stay with NVQ.

    Cause it was either only do one exam for Diploma (MAC) or do 2 in NVQ (PEV & PCR) but you would also have to do the cash management paper (Dip) which i really didn't want to do!
  • reddwarf
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    There is no charge the only thing you have to do to go from Dip (provided you have covered all your units in Advanced level) to NVQ 3 is unit 7 - there are 7 more questions. I don't know about the other way! I Imagine you'd have to do Prof Ethics and Cash Management. The AAT have produced a document for Dip to NVQ, if anyone want's a copy pm me.

    You have to make sure their website is changed as you only see exam papers for the pathway you are registered with.
  • Portsmouth_AAT
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    My understanding when i started AAT 3 years ago was that the diploma route was newly set up for people who wernt working in accounts to study accountancy. NVQ is aimed more at people working in the industry. The units are slightly different I know from our June sitting Diploma done one MAC and I think NVQ done 2 units 8 & 9 for the same result. The NVQ route I believe you also need to do a portfolio but diploma you have the project.

    You can change once to you have started but if some areas havent been covered in say NVQ but are a requirement in Diploma then you need to make them up, but likewise if you have completed an exam in NVQ and the Diploma requires it you dont have to take it 2ice.

    Im no expert but this was how our lecturer has explained it as some students were NVQ and others Diploma.
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