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I have taken on a client that should have registered for vat x months ago. He is currently awaiting his vat registration. We are going to try to re-invoice the customers with the vat amount to recover the vat that should have been charged.

Has any one got a sample letter that they can email me so that we can inform customers of the intention of re-invoicing for the back dated vat.

Many thanks in advance.



  • Jon_1984
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    Hi Claire

    I am afraid I havent got the letter to hand at the moment (will look on Monday) but we received a similar letter from a supplier last year, and the proposed method of re-raising the invoices from scratch would have caused us no end of grief to process. We eventually compromised on them simply raising an invoice solely for the VAT a few days before our next return was due (each line referring to the specific invoice in question etc.) which we could then pay and reclaim immediately. I also would expect to receive grief from any non-VAT registered clients.

    Hopes this helps the planning.

  • claire
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    That would be excellent if you could forward a copy of the letter. Thanks for the advice on how to invoice the customers and no we were not going to re-invoice the non-vat registered customers.


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