Please can someone help me with Sage

mrspnutmrspnut Feels At HomePosts: 70Registered
I am trying to do a wages journal in Sage 2008. I have a recalled journal to work from but I need to delete some lines as there is no entry for the current month and I don't know how to do it.

I need to get it done today and my colleague isn't here to ask. Please can someone help or point me in the direction of a good sage how to guide.

I've looked through the manual and also googled but am only coming up with firms who'll take my money.

Many thanks in advance


  • Thomasl1Thomasl1 Feels At Home Posts: 43Registered
    If you click anywhere on the line you wish to delete and press F8 that should delete the line.
  • Thomasl1Thomasl1 Feels At Home Posts: 43Registered
    Also forgot to mention if you wanted to add in a line anywhere, press F7
  • mrspnutmrspnut Feels At Home Posts: 70Registered
    Thank you, I posted this in both student and member sections so I got an answer speedily.

    I managed to finish what I was doing and actually achieve something yesterday.
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