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Hi, I am looking at to provide existing/potential clients bacs payments facility for payroll. This has only arisen due to enquiries received and as i do not have this therefore potential payroll clients go elsewhere.

I have googled to find approved bacs bureau that will only do the bacs payment for me, I have also looked at becoming an approved bureau myself but the inital cost is too much to start of with.

My concern for outsourcing just the bacs payment facility is that will they meet my service level expectations as i will be overall responsible to the client for any errors.

I would appreciate any comments from anyone who is outsourcing part of their payroll or has had experience in past, how has the service been for you



  • sloshed
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    Not sure if this will help you but at the practice I work we have some clients who require payment to be made by bacs and we use the bank's fax payment service. As far as I know most if not all the high street banks offer this service.
  • msf
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    Thankyou thats useful to know, im trying to explore all possible ways of providing this service, cost will be important but so will the facility, need to get the right balance. I have contacted by bank today so will see what they say and options available.

    I am also awaiting quotes from bacs bureaus.
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