Just Started!!

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Hi guys!

Started Intermediate level last week and am enjoying getting stuck back in again!

Just wondered if there was any additional books i would benefit from apart from the AAT books.

I really want to make sure i nail this year so i can go straight onto technician level next year. I'm such a geek and want to make sure i'm really prepared for it!

Abbie x


  • C-aat-Z
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    Hi Abbie,

    Can't say I would recommend any books other than the AAT ones, but what helped me pass my Intermediate level was the help of Osborne books as back up to the one's we were using at college.

    If the college used AAT textbooks from other publishers for certain units, i purchased separately the Osborne textbooks and workbooks. I found them very clear and easy to understand. I still used the books we were using at college, but referred to the Osborne books if a particular subject was a bit difficult to understand. What is also helpful is if you can get permission from your tutor, you can obtain the workbook tutor pack from Osborne which will give you all the answers to the workbook questions. I did this for units 8 & 9 and found that it really helped me with practice questions and particularly when it came to exam revision.

    Hope this helps

  • steveJ
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    Nice one Abbie, I've also started intermediate by distance learning recently. I'm upto chapter 12 at the moment. Check out Frank Woods Business accounting 1+2 on amazon or ebay. These are really helping me at the moment as it explains what I am learning in a different way that sometimes is more understandable.

    Are studying from home or going to college ?

    I also think everyone on this site as got a bit of geek in them, so your not alone! LoL
  • solo
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    Hi Abbie, I have found the Kaplan Book for unit five very helpfull in addition to my college course. It has good text and many excercises to work with .
    I hope this adds to your information and is usefull .
  • john.carter14
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    These Frank Woods books are they the ones that are co-written with Alan Sangster as there are several available
  • Portsmouth_AAT
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    the osbourne books are a good alternative, they look at things in a different way to the AAT ones and this sometimes helps it sink in.
    Our college has chosen these istead for DFS this year.
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