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I have been approached by another accountant quit a large firm, although that's because I am a small firm, to provide all the previous years self assessment capital allowances etc etc.
The client in question was a simple exercise with nothing other than sales and a telephone bill.
When this client came to me some two years ago I requested the details from HMRC and found that to be adequate. The client wasnt really very quick to submit details to us for SA, has a large over due tax bill and paid only literally at the last minute before filing online.
I have only a SA for the previous years no other details because there isn't much on them. Becuase of the type of software I used in the last year I have no PDF of the SA, so to provide copies of the SA would mean photo copying at a cost as we do not have copying facilities in our office.
I responded to the other accountants request as : "I have no detailed information other than the last years self assessment which you can get from HMRC on a 64/ 8 form as there is cost for me to copy this information and send."
Their response was " It is code of practice to request this information and I shall inform my senior of this answer of yours"
My question is -should I be concerned.?


  • Vonni
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    I cannot believe that you don't have any information for your client that you can provide to the new accountant.

    Yes as a MIP you need to comply with the professional ethics as set out by AAT and part of this relates to the provision of information. The only reason for withholding the information would be if your client owed you money for your professional services(but only providing a letter of engagement was in place).

    In your case I cannot see that the client owes you money so are you just annoyed that the client is going elsewhere and being awkward?

    Ok you say the type of software you used means you have no PDF copy (so you do have a computer and a printer I assume?) - well if you filed on line you can reprint a copy of the information you filed with the Revenue. Alternatively you could type up a quick spreadsheet or word document with the information.

    For goodness sake you are a Member in Practice - be professional - photocopies at my local newsagent cost 10p each!

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    Yes, unless your client owes you money, you are obligated to provide the new accountants with any paperwork you have on the client. If you're not going to be acting for the client any longer, why not just send the originals?
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    I have to say that I would keep the originals and make copies. If not, and the new accountants ask further questions, then you have nothing to refer back to.

    If you are working as a MIP then you do need to offer a professional service. If you do not have a copy of the return saved on your computer, then yes you will have to suffer the cost of getting it copied - next time you will save a pdf.

    Also, if it was the other way round, then you would expect a copy, wouldn't you?

    Clients walk - it is a fact of life, and some hurt and others you are thrilled to get rid of. You just pick yourself up and move on.

    Have you thought about investing in a 3 in 1 printer/scanner/fax? These are incredibly cheap and you could probably pick one up for about £50 - that would solve all your problems. I have one of those for copying and double sided printing, and then a workhorse printer for everything else.

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