Running out of time Already

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I am starting NVQ Lv4 on thursday (PTC) and then tuesday(unit 9) . However most colleges have already started weeks ago and our lesson for tuesday was cancelled last night. Its only about 8 weeks until the exam. Is this enough time to get both units completed to pass the exam?


  • flower
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    We only started back last week. You should still have time. Mind you everything at a much faster pace at this level
  • SandyHood
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    I reckon most technician units need 2hrs per week in class 2 hrs per week homework (i.e. 4) x 10 weeks plus 6 hours revision (probably at home)

    So if your down to 8 weeks in class, my advice is to increase the homework you do to bring you up to 46 hrs.
    Don't rely on the classes, you'll be on your own in the exam, so work hard on your homework and you can master the key components.
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  • speegs
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    PTC can definitely be down in 8 weeks EASILY. It was the easiest exam I ever did and is a very straight forward subject.

    Good luck anyway.

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