Unit 10 Example report?

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Hi all,

I am currently struggling where to start with the unit 10, i have decided to do my report around the ideas of making our office a paperless system & changing the coding on our computerised system but i have never wrote a report or read one before and really don't know what it is meant to be like, I have read all the helpfull info which has given me a better idea on not to blabber etc etc but still i feel at a loss, is there anywhere i could look at an example report so i can see how one looks? After all when we sit exams we get to look at past papers, should this not be the same?

Thankyou in advance for any help it is most greatly appreciated


  • Ian
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    But the Osbourne book for unit 10. There are loads in there, it will really help
  • scooby132300
    scooby132300 Registered Posts: 4 New contributor 🐸
    Yes i am learning with the college so the books were included in the costing, only problem is due to lak of management it may be another 4 weeks before we receive any of our text books! That will be 6 weeks into our course and just 4 weeks before our first exam :(
  • Portsmouth_AAT
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    try the AAT e learning for unit 10, type that into the search option on the home page. Its a step by step guide on how to build the report up. it was very helpful to me to start with then you can expand.

    The report should be the final part, u need to start with your ideas, evaluate the current system, recomend imporvements, look at pros' cons etc, the step by step guide explains all this and all the elements you need to build the report, its not necessarily a whole written report like in the exams its a build up of how you have handled the above and then a summary at the end did it work? was it implemented? etc. basically a report shuld tell the reader what has happened an the outcome. dont forget if it isnt implemented then use this to say why ie cost too high, not right time for company etc
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