what could you do in this situation?

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Hi all,

I acquired a client about 4 - 5 wks ago, and at the initial meeting when i met the client he gave me his books so that i can do accounts for him sole trader. The agreement was for me to do previous and this yrs account. We discussed and he agreed we on everything etc.. I came to do the work and as usual not all info was available so I have been trying to contact the client for ages with no luck, last time when i managed to speak to him he said he will get everything sorted. The only worrying thing is as self ass has to been done by end of oct if its paper, supposed i haven't heard from him by then I know maybe I shouldn't worry as I still have got his books and it’s his fault for not responding to me, I have even sent him 2 letters recorded explaining everything. I just wanted to hear your views on this one.



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    Your obligations

    Ensure that you have set out all of the relevant deadlines to the client. I wouldn't worry about the paper return, just state the online deadline - assuming that's how you do it.

    Also, give him a deadline to get the information in to you or you won't be able to guarantee to submit the return on time!

    As long as you do this, the ball is in their court and you cannot be held liable for missing deadlines. Most get the info to you by set deadlines anyway.

    2 recorded delivery letters seems a bit excessive at such an early stage...

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    Firstly don't worry about your client being late - if there's not already a clause in your T&C's add one in to point out that it's the client's responsibility to ensure you have all the info required on time and that you accept no responsibility for late submissions.
    Secondly why aren't you filing online? You can just use HMRC's free software if it's a sole trader and that automatically extends the deadline to 31 Jan.
    It's not panic time yet! :P
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    I am hoping to file it online but i just thought i will mention to the client the deadline for the paper returns. Thanks for your replies I won't worry about it. Bloater when i said 2 recorded letters the 1st letter I was sending him some info back but the 2nd letter is when I mentioned to the client I cannot finalize the accounts without the info i requested.
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    Panic not you're not even close to the paper deadline yet and hopefully your client will let you have the information you need.

    As his business was existing I'm assuming he has a UTR number so you can register to file on line with this and other info that you would have collected at the initial meeting when you carried out money laundering checks.

    You can then relax a little you're set up, ready to go the next panic will be 30th January (ha ha) - been there got the t shirt !
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