Unit 10 - SWOT analysis

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I'm in the process of putting together my Unit 10 project. I've gone through the step by step guide on here and it mentions an evaluation of the system but I've heard a lot of talk about incorporating a SWOT analysis. I've looked into it and a SWOT analysis always seems to relate to a business as a whole rather than a system. Is it ok to do a SWOT analysis of the system I am looking at or am I misunderstanding what everyone is using them for?



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    I didn't do the SWOT analysis as it didn't really apply. I did my Unit 10 on a new OCR system that I travelled to London to look at. And I was so pleased when work decided to go with it. It wasn't cheap but it is a massive improvement!!
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    i have done my swot based on my strengths for management of people as my strengths and my weaknesses are in the overview of the current system.. this is what my tutor said to do.

    hope this helps

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    A Swot should be the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunaties and Treats of the current system in place, where you can improve etc, this should be the basis of your recomendations for changing the project shoud flow form one section to another and link throughout.

    I done some of my project backwards, IE my recomendations, then used this to decided where the weaknesses are etc.
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    Thanks for your replies. I've been working on my SWOT analysis and think I've got most of it ok but am struggling with the Threats bit? Everything I look at seems to point to Threats being from an external point of view but as an invoicing system for a sole trader I can't think what external threats could actually apply. Is there always threats or can I get away with leaving this section?
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    Is the current system computerised or paperbased?
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