Please Help me I am really confused!!!!

We got the following two questions set for homework last thursday (only our 2nd tax lesson) - Our tutor whizzes through stuff really fast and I thought (whilst in class) that I "got it" - alas when I sit down now to try I am not understanding it - anyway sorry for waffling on here are the 2 questions

1. Sue is provided with a 2000cc petrol driven rover by her employer Emission rate on reg doc is 201g/km of co2. List price when new was £16,000. During 0809 sue drove 3000 business miles and also paid her employer £2000 in respect of private use of the car.
Calculate the benefit taxable on sue for 0809

2. Paul is provided with a 2300cc diesel mercedes. The list price was £36000 Paul drove 28000 business miles. The emission rate is 232g/km co2.
Calculate the taxable benefit on Paul.

As yet we have no text books either as a decision hasn't been made on which one we are to use


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