unit 7 osborne books

is anyone or has anyone had unit 7 to complete from osborne books?, im working through it now but as im distance learning ive got a skills test in it to show competence, but also wondered if there was any of the unit 7 involved in the ECR exam ill be sitting in december??



  • sdv
    sdv Registered Posts: 585
    No Unit 6 ECR does not have any of unit7 in it.

    however, next year in unit 8 and 9 (Costing) you will have to come back and read on the time series and index numbers. this will be covered in more depth and application.

    make sure you fully undersatnd this now as you will not have enough time next year

    good luck
  • valentino46
    valentino46 Registered Posts: 124 ? ? ?
    ok thanx
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