I Work in Practise need Unit 10 help!!!

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Ive read tonnes of stuff relating to unit 10 and found it basically helps to work in industry where you can comment on how rubbish your payroll department is or something like that. What if you just work in practice, producing other peoples accounts for their own books and produce their tax returns and therefore youre not privy to knowing the systems relating to your firms sales ledger/purchase ledgers/payroll etc etc- any ideas what I can possibly do my report on?!?!

only idea is possibly the checking system in place between juniors starting work managers checking it then being signed off by partners, but do not know if that would be a strong enough project.

Any idea???


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    Unit 10 help

    I work for a very small company where I am the only accounts person and there are only 2 others including the MD! BPP allowed me to use the simulation for Unit 10 as there isn't enough to go on at work. Maybe this is one option.

    If not run your idea by your tutor - they should tell you pretty soon if its OK or not.
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    I work in practise and have managed to come up with an idea

    Have you arranged a mentor at work that will help you? someone who may be able to throw ideas of problems ect.

    or all else fails why not opt for the simulation???
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    any project that works out that if implimented would save the company a substanial amount of money in iether time saved or actual cash then that would be worth while project...but i found that was one of the hardest things in all the whole AAT course to do !
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    This is the last time i will post regarding the Unit 10-IF YOU CAN NOT DO IT IN A WORK SCENARIO GET A SIMULATION.
    They are very good as you can find loads of things that you can improve.
    They only cost you an extra £15 for this!!!!
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    Really, truly a simulation is a much better choice. I've just done my unit 10 simulation and if I had scratched about I could have just about mustered up something at work, but it would have been twice as hard as doing a simulation as there was so much to get your teeth into it was a walk in the park compared to the struggle I would have had to get 4000 words which said something sensible about work.

    Lots of punctuation missing I know, but I was on a roll!

    I know exactly how you feel - you're asking yourself; what do they look like? how can they possibly abridge an entire working environment into a document you can draw a report from?

    I hope that I can give you an idea; the simulation I had gave a history of a business, together with a 'sort of diary' from one persons perspective, this provides a good insight into what is going on. There was also a load of technical bumph at the back, which was more for reference purposes, together with various financial information relating to the company.

    The other excellent point about a sim is that, within reason, you can do what you want to the company organisation. This is something that you might actually not consider doing when you are doing a case study based on your own work environment, because you know the personalities involved, so you wouldn't generally even consider changing what they do - people and systems simply get stuck in a rut.

    I hope this makes sense, but in my opinion (having worked in a practice environment and now running a busy accounts office) you will struggle with finding a topic where you are.

    Good luck!

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    Cheers ppl, think will definately try and get the simulation, my tutor is very anti-simulations however so looking forward to that discussion!!
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    Have you thought about the invoicing of your clients? Could there be a better system in place? However, you may find that due to confidentiallity reasons you may have to use the simulation.
    I am curently doing the simulation and although there is loads of things which can be improved on you only have limited information. So it is not necessarily the easy option.

    Good luck with what ever route you choose!
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    I work in a practice as well. I did not have much material to write full report for unit 10, so I used one of my clients as theme of the report.
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    hixie wrote: »
    I am curently doing the simulation and although there is loads of things which can be improved on you only have limited information.

    Hi Hixie

    I used artistic licence and made things up (within reason) to cover for any limited information, as long as it's reasonably realistic they can't complain!

    FMAAT - AAT Licensed Member in Practice - Pewsey, Wiltshire
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