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michelle sandham
michelle sandham Registered Posts: 8 New contributor 🐸

I am trying to get my professional cover sorted prior to applying for my MIP Licence.
However of the 3 Members in Practice listed in the directory for my area 2 have come back as un-interested.

Is there anyone out there who can provide cover for a start-up business in the Leith Edinburgh Area


  • Bloater
    Bloater Registered Posts: 19 New contributor 🐸

    Help Michelle out!!!

    When I first needed professional cover, I contacted the secretary of my local AAT branch network and she put me on to a fellow committee (is that spelt right?) member who was pleased to help.

    The AAT branch network is excellent for this type of thing!

    Good Luck

    I would offer, but I'm in Bristol...
  • Psyche
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    Wow, the MIPs you contacted actually replied to you?? You're a step ahead of me.

    The only way I got results was by going to a branch event and approaching people until I found an MIP who was willing to be my professional cover. Once you are in front of them, they can't ignore you :)

    Good luck -- this was the hardest bit for me too!
  • michelle sandham
    michelle sandham Registered Posts: 8 New contributor 🐸
    I thought it was just me

    Thanks for the feed back, I honestly was starting to think that it was just me.

    I didn't get a reply right away from one of them, I gave them a week and then caled their office.

    The other I only contacted yesterday and got the reply this morning however I had made a mistake and sent my e-mail twice oops, I think thats why I got a reply there.
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