Unit 5 - Should I do written or computer based

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Hi, I am currently studying via distance learning (Eagle) and am due to sit my first exam for Unit 5 FRA. I don't know whether to do the usual written test or to go for the computer based one. My local centre offer the computer based most days of the week at 48hrs notice. I am thinking that the computer based version might be better and really would appreciate information from anybody that has sat the new computer based exam. I guess there are no questions asking you to describe things or write memos or anything in the computer based version. Many thanks.


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    The beauty of the Computer based exam is that you get your results almost instantaneously rather than having to wait the 10-12 weeks as for the paper based exam results, also I think you are allowed a quicker resit should you fail.
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    Hi i agree with the post before but on computer based exam you can do it right or wrong where on paper if you show your workings you will get pints for that so i find is how you feel about it its your decision. good luck whatever you doing
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    i just sat FRA CBE today, and passed! :) It was harder than the practice one on here and asked a lot more out of you. You can't show any workings so answers have to be 100% correct. They did keep my note paper that I used though, personally I like the fact I get an instant result although the scrolling up and down on a screen can be very irritating so I ended up writing a lot of the figures down so I could put them in at the bottom.
    Personal preference I guess, but try the practice one, and don't be disheartened if you don't pass it first time, it took me a few goes to get it down and pass.
    Good luck, with either option you take x
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    Congratulations on passing the exam and thanks to everyone for the info. Looks like CBE is the way to go.
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