Exam date - Unit 5 FRA

My college have given out a handout that states the FRA unit 5 exam is on the 16th June 2010 at 1.30pm.

The aat website says 17th June 2010 at 1.30pm.

Anyone got any information to back either of these dates up. I guess the 17th is the right date.




  • solo
    solo Registered Posts: 4 New contributor ?
    Hi Katie ,
    I would tell your college teacher what the aat website is saying about your exam date and get them to check it and get back to you. Wow lucky lol i have mine in dec.
    Good luck with your exams and i hope you sort you dates out .
  • katie2008
    katie2008 Registered Posts: 294
    thanks Solo, I have tried but they are not listening!!! Think I will have to inform all members of the class and get the tutor to look into it.

    Just wondering what other dates students have been told for the exam!

    Good luck

    Katie :-)
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