PAYE - Working half in UK and half in Algeria

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I have a client who is employing someone on a 6 month contract they will work half of their time in UK and half in Algeria, do we just run a normal PAYE scheme or are there special measures to be aware of because of the work in Algeria? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


  • oakley
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    If they are on a contract for 6 months, 3 in the UK and 3 in Algeria, as long as they are employed by the UK company you can run a normal PAYE scheme, obviously they will have to have the correct visa if necessary to work abroad, healthcare, insurance etc if offered.

    We have sent people to China to work for three months no problem, the ones on longer contacts, 1 year or more, are transferred to the China company, we just have to pay Employers NI for the first year after they leave even though they no longer work for the UK company. Once their contcact finishes in China, as long as there is still a place in the UK company they return, we let them keep length of service and all other conditions before they left and generally pay a bonus which helps entice them to go.
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    Tricky area. You may want to look into having two contracts, one for services in the UK and one for services abroad. This could help the PAYE/NI problem. Might not be worth the effort for a 6 month contract though.
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