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Frank Registered Posts: 2 New contributor 🐸
I'm a new MIP and having managed to acquire my first new client, along with several promising prospects for which I will need to quote fairly soon, I urgently need to acquire a reasonably priced accounts software package. When I attended an AAT MIP seminar last February one speaker strongly recommended 'VT Accounts Suite' which is MS Excel based, multiple company, single user licence at around £200+VAT and subsequent years at £150+VAT. This seemed remarkably good value compared to other packages such as Sage etc.
Has anyone any experience in using VT Accounts and what is their opinion of its capabilities, useability and flexibility....is it the good value that it appears???


  • Tiger
    Tiger Registered Posts: 63 Regular contributor ⭐
    It is well worth its money, easy to use very functional and you won't go far wrong with it .. Quite a few previous posts about VT do a search of the forums for more fans....
  • vic
    vic Registered Posts: 4 New contributor 🐸
    I would not hesitate in recommending VT, it is so easy to use produces everything you need and the price as you have said is great!
  • deanshepherd
    deanshepherd Registered Posts: 1,809 Beyond epic contributor 🧙‍♂️
    It gets a thumbs up from me too.
  • SarahS
    SarahS Registered Posts: 60 Regular contributor ⭐
    And me...

    I recommend it very highly too. Excellent value for money, simple and effective.
  • Raging Pineapples
    Raging Pineapples Registered Posts: 110 Dedicated contributor 🦉
    I used an older version of it and I must say it was WONDERFUL. It has the same advantage that old cars have over new ones, that they let you see exactly what's going on under the hood.

    The VT version I used has a great way of letting you handle the raw double entry of ALL transactions, and also lets you duplicate a transaction with a different date, using it as a kind of template for future transactions of the same type. That enables you to perform quite complex transactions routinely (imagine performing a whole vehicle disposal just by finding the last one, duplicate at today's date, change the vehicle value, and EVERYTHING else just automatically adjusts, rebalances and everything!).

    It's so much more intuitive than the more complex and expensive versions. :)
  • A-Vic
    A-Vic Registered Posts: 6,970 Beyond epic contributor 🧙‍♂️
    Uses VT and sage :)
  • Monsoon
    Monsoon Registered Posts: 4,071 Beyond epic contributor 🧙‍♂️
    VT is awesome!!!

    That is all :)
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