Confused - Buying books?

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I am considering buying books to study for the exam parts (units 11,18,19 and 33) of the Diploma level 4, and using BPP for unit 10.
However on searching Waterstones, Amazon and WH Smith, some, if not all of the books for units 11, 18 and 19 seem to have Foundation on the covers.
Are these books for Diploma level? (There are no units 11, 18 and 19 at Foundation level are there?). This is all very confusing!!!!!!!

Additionally, I passed level 3 at NVQ/Intermediate. If I do the next level 4 at Diploma rather than NVQ then do I need to do unit 32 which seems to straddle various levels?

Advice would be most appreciated! Thanks.


  • Claire321
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    I would guess they are just showing the incorrect picture when they show book covers with Foundation on for units 11, 18 & 19.

    I have just purchased books for units 18 & 19 from Premier Training and found their prices to be good:
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