I have started my Technician Level, but have not actually completed the Intermediate as yet (still waiting for my distance learning provider to mark my Unit 21 and 22 projects). Does anyone know if I am able to sit Technician level exams in December or will I have to wait until I have actually completed the Intermediate?

Thanks in advance



  • anniem
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    Hello Angharad

    I sat exams for two levels in the same week last December. FRA, PTC and BTC. Nobody challenged it. If I were you I'd just sign up for the exams and go for it, unless things have changed since last year then they'll just take your money and let you sit the papers/experience the anxiety!

    Happy studying.

    Anna :-)
    FMAAT - AAT Licensed Member in Practice - Pewsey, Wiltshire
  • taskey
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    i have sat pev and pcr and only just sat my unit 5 sim.

    go for it, you will be fine.

  • angharadmai
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    Thanks for your replies. Will go ahead with booking the exams now then. Wish my distance learning provider would get a move on though!!

    Thanks again

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