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I am due to take PEV and PCR in DEC, but I have started an extra part time job meaning I have two jobs and less time to study. I know the Materials and Labour variances but am lost on fixed overhead, am ok on index factors but havent really looked at pcr much. Is it worth me just taking PEV in Dec as I havent really started PCR or is there enough time to pull PCR in? The dilemma is because the standards are changing in June and I dont want to end up mid qualification.

Any advice from anyone who has done these two massively appreciated.



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    both are very similar so in my opinion you would be able to do both and do them both well.

    i did both in june and passed. my advise, go through past papers and this highlights where you are short in your learning. remember the formulas, but also try and learn what you are remembering as you need to be able to read your answers you have and write reports on them.

    in the 15 minutes reading time, i wrote down the formulas on the exam paper, as 2 hours into the exam when you need the formulas, more often than not your mind will have got confused. write them down while they are fresh in your mind, then you can refer to them later in the exam. i think i actually wrote them on the back of the 1st page of the questions booklet. LOL

    i really enjoyed both exams and i wish they were all like that.

    also, try and find posts by sandy hood, as all of his advise is fab. that is how i got through the exams.

    also, fire any questions on here and we will try and help you out.

    hope that helps.

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