which order for diploma units???

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is there a set/best order to study the diploma units?

i have my unit 15 simulation on 24th oct and have booked my unit 11 (i think!) preparing financial statements exam for dec.

I really need to do another exam in dec and i will have unit 33 management accounting and implementing audit procedures left (unit 19 or something cant remember unit number), and a couple simulations.

Im really aiming at 2 in dec as i want to do my last written exam in jun 2010 and i will have a 7week old baby at the time of the june exams so need to get 2 done in dec and 1 in june rather than the other way round and then i just have to fit the simulation units in which i find a bit more flexible as not only 2 sittings a year

which is best to do first if there is a best? also which would take less time to study/is a smaller unit?


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    Congratulations on the baby! Can't advise on the other stuff I'm afraid, but I can say that I started this with a six month old and found that it was easier with a smaller baby as they sleep less when they get bigger.

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