Will be MAAT eventually

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I actually registered as a student with aat in 1997. I have been very lazy over the years, nevertheless this year I have completed and applied for membership. I intend to study ACA. What do you think?


  • anniem
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    I have to say that I admire your optimism!

    OK, so it's taken you 12 years to do AAT - my brain is very quickly running a cost/benefit analysis:

    How long does it take to study for ACA? OK I'm no genius, but perhaps if you multiply that by 4, add it onto your current age and just check that you aren't going to be retiring around about then? (LOL)

    Is it still worth the time/cost investment?

    Also, did you know that to do ACA you need to be with a recognised approved ACA training company?


    PS. I really do believe that you can do anything you want to do in life, who cares how long it takes!
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