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Hi guys, just thought i'd drop a few lines on here as I need some opinions on what I should do next in my accountany career.

I'm currently working for a chartered firm and also have a small number of clients on a part time basis. I am a registered AAT accountant but haven't decided to carry on studying. Instead, I am gradually expanding my knowledge of accounts, tax and management in practice and building up a client portfolio.

Just a small background, I have worked in practice for almost 10 years and in those years, I've went from being a school leaver to an accounts manager effectively.

The next step in my carrer however, is giving me the most concern. I am gradually building up my client numbers with income figures also growing. However, I really don;t know if to commit myself to self employment full time. I am aware of the earnings thresholds, etc for MIP and money laundering but really don't know much more.

Has anyone taken the plunge and went on their own? and if so, has it been worth it? Are the costs to run your business (e.g mip licence, indemnity insurance, etc) very high?

I'm sure some of you will be able to point me in the right direction.

Thank you very much in anticipation of your thoughts.

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