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Can anyone help me, I have recently become self employed and will be claiming mileage for visits to clients sites.
My question is this I have to drop off my baby before going onto work so do I:
1. Claim mileage from home including drop to client
2. Do I claim what it would have been if I had gone straight to clients from home
3. Do I claim from childminders to client (this is further away from client than my home)

Also does anyone know if you can claim any elemet of childcare as an expenses as when I was employed I could claim tax releif on childcare vouchers?




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    If it was me I'd do the distance from home to client and back again... excluding the childminder...

    The childcare is not a business expense but you can claim via Tax Credits for up to 80% of your childcare costs whilst you are working. You'll need to have a 'registered' childcare provider and put in a claim based on your average weekly/monthly expense... The tax credits helpline will help you sort the claim...
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    Thanks I think that is what I will do I will also call the tax credits people and see what I can arrnge with them.
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