realistically how long to study and be ready for business taxtion exam??

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well im in 2 minds to do my business taxation exam in dec as well as dfs

i have unit 15 simulation on 24th oct however im doing 90% of my final revision/questions for this at work and am booked in for dfs in dec too and am half way through with most of my home study being concentrated on this

realistically how long to study and be ready for the business taxation exam? am i being daft even considering this?

im only concerned as otherwise in june 2010 i will be trying to do management accounting and business taxation exams with a 7week old baby and although i could be well prepared i was hoping to do the audit unit after dec exam before starting on unit(s) for june exam


  • lewpylew
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    Hi Lisa!

    Think I recognise you from somewhere else!! I am studying both business tax and personal tax for the Dec 09 exams. We are doing it in 11 weeks at college. I am studying 3 hours a week at college with homework, and for personal tax having to do most of it at home....

    There seems soooo much to learn but it is starting to click now. Other option is to wait til next year and then you will have 2 goes at studying from the Finance Act 2009 as the December 2009 ones are based on 2008! xx
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