Client letter authorising previous accountant to discolse info

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This is my first post as a MIP, the jump from nurtured student to MIP is both exciting and overwehelming.

I have seen Claudia's most excellent letter requesting information from the previous accountant... thank you Claudia it is very kind of you to share this with all of us newbies :)

I wonder if anyone has a template letter I can ask my Client to sign, which I can then enclose with the above letter authorising the previous accountant to release information to me?

my email is [email protected].

Thank you.

Kind regards,


  • Psyche
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    Surely all is needed is a one-paragraph "I the undersigned hereby authorise the transfer of all paperwork relevant to me and/or my business to [Insert New Accountant Here]" and their signature?
  • peabrain
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    I went with the one line approach but would be interested in seeing the letter.
    have only just signed on the this forum lark and was a bit of a technophob so any hints on how best to use it gratefully received, seems useful place for boosting confidence
  • frogmad
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    Hi Andrea

    Wish you loads of good luck, I myself am a nubbie, and yes it is duanting, new clients hard to come by, but I'm sure it will happen.

    Would you be kind enough to forward a copy of Claudia's letter requesting information from previous accountant, as the few clients I have are either self-employed or start up businesses, but have now a potential Ltd co client who has been trading for several years.

    Many thanks

    [email protected]
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