About to start Technician Level and have very limited accounts experience

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I am a 3rd class maths and statistics graduate with only very limited accounts experience, which I have gained through voluntary office work, which involved basic bank reconciliations and putting formulas into Microsoft Excel spreadsheets to make procedures more efficient. I have experience of Sage Line 50 having practised using the software through a self-study course. I have just completed AAT Intermediate Level and am about to begin Technician Level. I'm just wondering how many other people are in a similar, experience-lacking position, wondering whether there's much to benefit from completing AAT with such little experience.

I'll be grateful for any inspiring stories or opinions. :)


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    I have to say i am struggeling big times and i have no experience not even a job in Accountancy to put me new knowledge into practise , but then with me it could be because my Husband is in deployment im on my own with kids household and so and english is not my first language but then i think people can do it and have no problems. good luck
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    Kveevers, what is your language if u don't mind me asking?

    RowanB: I feel your pain, I have very very limited experience and it does notice. Downside is I don't really have any suggestions, just keep doing the volunteer stuff. One advantage you have is:

    You'll be fully qualified at the end of Technician, so any future employer will have all that knowledge FOR FREE. So look for training positions and explain this.

    So for example, if a job offer is made for an accounts assistant with study funding provided, explain your situation. You have an automatic advantage: You do know the subject, so you'll advance quick. You're trained already, so it's a massive expense they won't need to make. I think you'd be in with a fighting chance.

    You may start on a low salary, but that should change fairly quickly.
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    im German

    I apply for everything even just Administration but nothing and reason for this having no experience. I know there are company who are looking for german speaking accounts assistant but that would mean moving and i cant do this due to my husband beeing in the army. so im stuck where i am. When i learn i have 6 book around me the osborne books dictionarys and therausus ;-(

    many thanks for your advise
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    do any of the kids go to any after school clubs that you could voluteer to do the accounts for? i volunteer at the local cub group and i am the treasurer. as my little one was going anyway, i offered and they almost snapped my hands off.

    i have now been doing it for 2 years and i really enjoy it.

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    Thanks a lot Raging Pineapples. I'm particularly inspired that you've said I'd be classed as fully qualified. Would employers definitely see me as 'fully qualified' depsite having done only very limited accounts work?
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    Yes it is very difficult in the job market and the recession is only exacerbating the situation.

    I've found it very difficult to find decent accounts work even though I'm virtually qualified.

    It makes me wonder how many AAT students actually progress in the profession? I'm sure many begin the course with a genuine expectation of becoming a technician or accountant but fall away because they can't find suitable work.

    The AAT really need to address this issue instead of collecting the money from hard working students who struggle to pay course fees.

    University students at least get some carrer advice and guidance after qualifying and the AAT needs to do the same.

    Why can't the AAT work more closely with recruitment agencies, organise regional job faires to help students network with local employers, improved jobcentre section on the AAT website.
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    Very good post Mark. Thanks for replying. I agree. It's hard to find the motivation to complete Technician's level. I accept a lot of the blame for my current situation having not decided upon my future careerwise earlier and having only achieved a 3rd in degree level maths and statistics. However, since graduating and having passed AAT Intermediate level and started Technician Level, I feel a little aggrieved that my efforts to find accounts experience have only been reciprocated in the form of some minor office work involving only very basic accounting tasks.
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