any spreadsheet work in unit 15 simulation? also any tips for the simulation?

lisnic Registered Posts: 141 Dedicated contributor 🦉
i have my unit 15 simulation on 24th is there any spreadsheet work involved within the simulation or is it all written in the answer book? just so i know what to expect - from the past papers it appears to be just all written

any tips for the unit 15 simulation?


  • mini_schnauzer
    mini_schnauzer Registered Posts: 347 Dedicated contributor 🦉

    Unit 15 is all written in the answer booklet that they give you.
    Good luck on 24th!
  • blobbyh
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    Any tips? Learn it all as pretty much anything may be asked. I certainly found it the hardest and longest simulation of all due to everything that's covered in the module, however it's possibly one of the most valuable for use in your own current or future work.

    If you ever have ambitions of being self employed and offering additional services beyond mere bookkeeping, pay attention to this unit! Most people seem to despise it so luckily it's only a simulation and not a central or I can imagine there'd be many many retakes.
  • messedup89
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    i was the opposite, found it the easiest and shortest sim
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