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I`m due to sit the PLB exam on 1st December - i`m from Colchester in Essex, and i was told when i signed up for distance learning with my centre in Huntingdon that i could most likely sit the exam in colchester as other people have done this. I`ve just gone to register for the exam to find that Colchester or closer is not available - so i have to drive 2 hours, sit a 3 hour exam then drive 2 hours home??? Anyone have any ideas or know about somewhere closer to home. Thanks


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    I believe all available centres will be shown on the website, when you go to enter for the exams, so it is probable that Colchester is not available or open to external students (i.e not studying at that particular centre - which I assume is you situation) to sit exams.

    I have also noticed in the past that the list of centres for external students sometimes differs each exam sitting.

    Could you phone the centre in Colchester and ask if they have a December sitting for the AAT exams, and if so if it is open to external students? It maybe that Colchester or a centre nearer will be available in June - but I know thats no help for December!
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    It might be worth contacting them to see if they'll take you anyway (even if for a small fee). I had a similar issue with an intermediate exam, the local college did say they could take me but I'd have to register as a student with them at a cost of £30 per level - I was taking an Intemediate and 2 Technician exams so a total of £60. In the end I chose a centre 50 minutes drive away.

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