Mapping out Standards on Unit 10 Project

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I am nearly at the stage where I am supposed to 'Map' the standards required of the Unit 10 Project against what I have actually done on my project.

Hopefully then any glaring ommissions will be obvious for me to correct.

I have been told by my college lecturer that the 'standards' checklist is available on the AAT website to download - it is the same sheet which is used in the 'Log Book' the red covered booklet with the lady sat on the front of it.

Why don't you use the sheet from your log book I hear you say - but this is locked away in a classroom at college - any ideas where I locate and downlaod a copy?

Any help in this matter will be greatly appreciated.


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    hi tried to attach the file for you but it was too big.

    if you log into your myaat account and then bottom left there is a useful publications option, click this and technician student record is there as a pdf.

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    Student Record

    Tracey you are very kind - Thank You
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