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Client of mine has been doing an import business (imports electrical goods by post) from Dubai. He is not doing this frequently. What are the things we have to consider when he is doing this business? Does he need to pay customs and duty even if he is importing things worth a couple of hundred pounds?


  • NeilH
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    Generally the items would be subject to import duties and VAT, although no VAT is payable if the goods are under £18.

    How long has he been doing this for?

  • Jon_1984
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    I would start with and then head for the international trade sub-heading for a lot of useful info on importing.

    Any item can and is normally subject to Duty although the royal mail only seem to bother with roughly one in five small parcels. Also bear in mind that HMRC can act against you if they feel you have asked the sender to fill in the customs declaration incorrectly.

    Drop me a PM if anything doesnt make sense and I will try and help.

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