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I would appreciate advice on providing statements on accounts in a non-professional or informal capacity.

I have recently gained my MAAT status and currently work in finance for a charity. I have been asked by a friend who is the treasurer of a small, non-registered charity, to look over their year end accounts.

I am not in practice and have emphasised this to them, but have also said I will look them over for any obviously errors, especially as I helped them set up the reporting they have in place.

They, as an organisation would like a statement from me saying that the accounts are in my view true and fair. However, I am wary of any future implications for myself in providing such written assurance.

I do wish to help and my current instinct is to provide a very specific statement solely on the reporting of the figures, not on their accuracy or any other aspect of their finance or governance.

I would appreciate any advice, especially where I might find appropriate wording, or whether I really should stear clear of any statement at all.


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    I have recently gained my MAAT status and currently work in finance for a charity. I

    Personally, if you have only recently gained your MAAT and have not registered to be a "Member in practice" I really wouldn't advise putting your name to anything to verify that "in your opinion the accounts are a true and fair view of the state of the Charities affairs".

    You may want to help, but, should in the future there be any discrepancies or irregularities and you've stated that there are not, you may be putting yourself in a position where the organisation could sue you, so unless you have adequate Indemnity Insurance I really wouldn't go there.
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    I asked the very same question of AAT a few years ago.

    The answer was 'yes' you can do it without being an MIP but they very strongly recommended indemnity insurance.

    The person I was doing it for was an AAT colleague and everything was receipted so I took the risk but if I was doing another set I would get the insurance.
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    Thanks for your comment, the general consensus from colleagues seems to be in line with your advice.
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