Anyone doing Unit 10 case study D2068???

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Is anyone doing it this way, its a great little case study and id like a buddy to bound ideas at if anyone is intereted.




  • nabutt
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    hi i am doing unit 10 with case study but its nt same as urs but i am totally confused that where to strt and what to do wid the case study ......can u tell me how to srt it

  • gingervicki
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    Well i made lots of notes on the information it gave like, the processes, then the people and then it had like a diary of what happened over the course of the month and i wrote notes on that too see what it borught up.

    Im now tying to pin down my subject, there is so many things i could pick, its hard to know where to start really.

    i have gone through the text bokk and looked at formats and so far, without even trying i have written 1118 words and i havent even started to write about the particular thing i have chosen!!!

    im going to speak to my tutor about it tonight - one thing that i did pick up is that the SWOT analysis is done for the company as a whole, not the item you have chosen to write about

    pm me and we can natter as we go along if you like

  • sazrah
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    I am starting unit 10 using a simulation but cannot remember the code. I will look tonight and let you know which one it is. Im finding it a bit mind boggling at the minute and don't know how to go about planning it in writing as apparently we have to hand all of this in with the project itself to prove its our own work.
  • speegs
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    Read the whole case study through once quickly and a second time in more details.

    Then draw an organisational chart for the company.

    Then do a SWOT analysis on each of the departments/areas mentioned.

    Once you have done this you should now be ready to choose the areas you would like to concentrate on.

    I hope this helps.

  • dscorey
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    the case study that i have been given is based on a company called spartans builders limited but one of the appendix shows the p/l for year end 31/01/2005 and now im worried that this is not the correct simulation.Anyone help me with this?
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