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Hi Everyone,

I have been a MIP for a few months now and haven't got any clients but have had a few enquiries. Problem is the enquiries were to go out to clients property to do the book-keeping but at the moment I work 5 days so it's impossible and teach a book-keeping evening class.

Ok so getting to the point in an ideal world I would like to offer a basic book-keeping service using excel for small businesses. Doing the books so that they can be then passed to the accountant and I can work from home in the evening.

Do you think there is any call for this or which types of businesses/business areas I should be advertising to???

Any advice would be great thank you.

Thank you



  • lorraine
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    That would work, if you know an accountant that you can form a good relationship with, because clients normally want a one stop shop from what I gather, so if you are able to sort everything needed for that client then I think it makes it easier, even if you outsource to an accountant.

    I try to offer everything to the client so they have less sorting out to do and it normally works out cheaper than if they had to find someone themselves, and if I am unable to do this myself I outsource to one of my contacts.
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    Tara, lorraine has got a good point. If clients approach you and you show them you haven't got confidence in what you are doing they tend to look for somebody else. Where are you based, because if you have enquiries to work from clients premises once or twice a week I might be able to accomodate that for now.
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    hi i do do clients accountants but i started and still work with an accountant where he gives me the paperwork and i write up all the records in excel and then give it him back, he reviews it, produces the final accounts from the info i have prepared and then bills his client and i bill him my fee on a per hour basis. I would write to the local accountants telling them you offer a sub contract service :) ps Good Luck
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