Unit 10 one day courses

Has anyone been on one of these yet?

how useful was it?


  • messedup89
    messedup89 Registered Posts: 1,281
    i did with kaplan and it was actually only 1/2 a day. I founf it very useful giving you lots of sub headings to get an idea of what to write and writting frames etc
  • Esme
    Esme Registered Posts: 711

    The AAT are holding them at the moment, I think I'll have to go on one even though it's a long drive!
  • Claire321
    Claire321 Registered Posts: 209 🎆 🐘 🎆
    Please could you let me know if you have the dates of these. I will have to have the long drive also!
  • Esme
    Esme Registered Posts: 711
    There's one in Northampton on 7th Nov which I'm going to.
    Not sure about the others, if you log onto events you can see in there
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