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I've been a full member since Oct 07 and my employer (also my in-laws!) have asked some questions regarding the benefit to the business being MAAT. I understand that AAT is a recognised qualification but what does the annual subscription really get me or the business?

We are currently re-branding our office stationery and would like to use the AAT logo, but I am under the impression this cannot be done as I am employed by a Company and not a MIP? Could I just use the logo on MY stationery only?

Am I able to become MIP when I work for a limited company, or do I have to become self-employed?

Sorry for the bombardment of q's but I'm confused!!
Any help/advise gratefully appreciated!


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    If you work for yourself (self employed or director of your own Ltd Co) then you need to register as a MiP.

    If you have a PAYE job, then you don't.

    The annual subscription gets you the letters after your name. Yes, I'm cynical, but I don't feel I receive much more for my money! Yes, there are free CPD workshops you can go to, there's the various advice lines etc but I'm not sure how many members use these on a regular basis that they might consider their subscription money's worth.

    As to value for the employer, they know you are trained and all that. By continuing the subscription you have to undertake CPD etc. I don't know how much difference putting it on the stationery would make to their customers, if indeed you can do this. You'd have to ask the AAT direct about stationery - may as well get a definitive answer from the horse's mouth on it.
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