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Hi All,

I thought I would run my thoughts passed the people from this forum,
Here goes: I am a licensed mip and have pii and am covered by money laundering regs, but I would like to extend my license to cover the filing of self assessment returns, my question is it okay for me to do this on the basis that I have this checked by someone who is capable of checking my work, I don't want to do this if it is breaking any AAT rules.

My next question is, the person that checks my work, I guess I will need to make sure that they have a license that covers self assessment tax returns and professional indemity?

Also would both parties need to sign an agreement, to say that the work for self assessment tax returns is being checked by a capable individual.

I thank you for your replies and time.....


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    As far I am aware this would be ok.

    As you have stated the person who does the checking would need to be suitably qualified and licensed. It would certainly be worth having some kind of agreement between the two parties as to who will be taking what responsibilities.

    I would possibly have a chat with the AAT and get there views on it to make sure you are doing everything within the rules.

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