unit 15 cmcc - simulation format/standard topics?

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Ok I have my simulation on saturday and I'm not looking forward to it - everything covered as well as I think I could have but still not happy

Looked at few past papers - pretty clear that there will be a forecast with working out receipts from debtors and also some sort of financial analysis/credit assessment

But that is really only 2 topics that seem to frequent in most/every paper I have. is there a pattern/standard topics that get asked that I haven't picked up on?

Seems to be also memos/reports of all sorts but these are based on findings/workings so they fine?

I'm dreading evaluating investments mostly - I can describe them fine but then its bleurgh a bit

I'd really like a list which I can look over to see if there anything that is highly likely to come up that I think I need to brush up on or look at again



  • katsutlieff
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    Lisnic I have a few mock sims that people have been kind enough to send to me. IF you think these would help PM me your email and I will send them across.

    Good luck for Saturday, hoping to do my next month
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