Long distance bookkeeping?

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Hello there - wonder if anyone would be able to advise - bit of an unusual request.

I'm contacting local (Basingstoke/North Hampshire) accountants looking for subcontract bookkeeping work. Nothing as yet, but some are asking if they could take my details as someone they would either have work for at a later date or, could refer to their clients when they themselves are asked and one went so far as to tell me they had a client they could hand over (which was nice, took me by surprise though and I'll have to become a MIP!).

Thing is, I'm considering spending 6-9 months abroad in Europe from the middle of next year. Is it feasible to build up a clientele if I were to do this? If so, any arrangements on getting data/memory sticks/documents eg email, DHL etc?

Many thanks



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    I can't imagine clients would be too happy with sending documents by post regularly particularly out of the country. They may possibly (but I doubt) be willing to do this if you were to pay all costs of posting/sending documents. Although I can't see you would make much if any profit from this.

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