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Please,please,please can anyone help??

TashyTashy New MemberRegistered Posts: 7
I need the answers to sims sleepy hollow, Heski & Lucent for cash Management & Credit Control...can anyone out there help??? Big Thanks to anyone who can x


  • AmpsieAmpsie Well-Known Registered Posts: 145
    Hi Tashy,

    Pm me your email address and i'll send them to you.

  • Bookworm55Bookworm55 Trusted Regular Registered Posts: 479
    I didn't think we were meant to supply answers to simulations?
  • AmpsieAmpsie Well-Known Registered Posts: 145
    I thought as it's a practice one that we were?

    Tashy - maybe you should ask your tutor first.

  • TashyTashy New Member Registered Posts: 7
    Am doing homestudy so have no tutor to ask

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