CMCC Unit 15 - Gilts!! ahhhh last min sim advise on these

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Ok i have my cmcc sim and gilts seems to come up quite frequently - typical as i HATE THEM

Anyone got a quick easy to remember summary of these/guidance on these that will be a help for tomorrow (and now for past papers) to get me through the gilt questions as i think these may be one of my sticky points.

id really appreciate anything - mainly advise on comparing them/evaluating current investments

i can describe them (although maybe slightly vague) but its when your asked to evaluate them. I understand price is for 100 worth of the stock so like 100,000 at purchase price of 110 gives 90,909.09 of the stock but its the percentages/flat/redemption yields that get me




  • SandyHood
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    Did you try this one on search?

    [post=142797]Redemption Yield[/post]
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