PEV Retake

lhemmings Registered Posts: 7 New contributor 🐸
Hi everyone,

I am retaking PEV on Nov 30th this year and am really panicing as it would appear that I cant remember half of what I learnt before taking it for the 1st time back in June.

I dont know if its because its really knocked my confidence or what but I feel like I am really struggling!

Does anyone have any tips as to how to get back into the swing of things?

I have been going over past papers for a good few weeks now and its just not clicking!

My main problem is the reports/memos etc etc - the formulas I think I can handle.
Oh and the other thing I am struggling with is Life Cycle Costing, in fact I think the reason I didnt pass in June is because I couldnt do the Discount Life Cycle Costing question!!

Please help me!! Am in total panic overload!!


  • lilac_angel
    lilac_angel Registered Posts: 66 Regular contributor ⭐
    I have found going over things with my work collegue really helpful. she completed the AAT 2 years ago and she spends 2 hours a week with me going over things and i have found this to be quite a help just to have someone to work with on a one to one to discuss any problems i have.
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