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took cmcc sim today - different to expected!

lisniclisnic Well-KnownRegistered Posts: 141
Had my cmcc sim tod was different to expected

10 questions - it said spent first 2hours on first 3 questions and 2 hours on 4-10

First question felt fine with and 2nd question, think I did 3rd question right too

4th question I'm kicking myself so bad as was in my head but couldn't get it out- all on trends given 4 months turnover and the seasonal variations and needed to work out trend. Really threw me! I did 2 different things and then don't think I used it right to forecast!

Happy with 5-9 then 10 I swear I never read answer to this before but was just a written answer so used my common sense and tried to apply it here!

So hopefully question 4 doesn't fail me totally and I get some marks for 10 and that those combined and any other marks I may not have got or lost don't amount to more than 20%!

I'm wondering if questions 1-3 are quite weighted mark wise since they advised 2hrs for these 3questions alone and 2hrs for the other 7?

I needed the full 4hrs which I didn't expect tbh and also the first 3 questions related to the given simulation and the rest were stand along which I didn't expect again! However thing I coped pretty well considering I was shattered on my feet 14weeks preg and woke up first thing with a headache.the place I did the sim had about 20 people all doing sims I think all dif and I was only external student doing the cmcc one but that didn't matter. So considering how I felt yesterday I feel good about it tonight!

Anyone else find this with the cmcc sim?


  • anastasiaanastasia Feels At Home Registered Posts: 26
    Well done Lisnic.
    Sounds like you had exactly same sim as me. If found it not too bad, but VERY time consuming, so I had just enough time.
    I have one question. I have just received some additional questions and they ask me for Task 9: "Consider the relationship between Dlay and the Director. So, what should you do if debt is outstanding?". The thing is, I sat my simulation almost a month ago and I just don't remember the tasks any more! and I cannot remeber what was the relationship between the Dlay Ltd and the Director.
    I was hoping as you just did the simulation you would remember what the task was actually saying.
    You can write me a private message as we are probably not allowed to discuss the tasks, but I just can't write an answer if I don't know what the question is!
    That would be greatly appreciated.
  • jiltjilt Font Of All Knowledge Registered Posts: 2,903
    I remenber sitting my cmcc sim and taking almost every minute allowed, so don't worry about the time taken.

    Good luck, sure you'll be fine :-)
  • katsutlieffkatsutlieff Trusted Regular Registered Posts: 459
    Congratulations Lisa on completing the sim. Sounds like it was tough going. When you do get your results.

    How easy was it for you to sit your sim as an external student. Do you have to organise it all or just book in. I am with Eagle and am finding it difficult to find somewhere to sit CMCC, although in fairness I am a long way off, getting bogged down with Gilts

    Congratulations on the pregnancy. It does get easier after the first trimester
  • lisniclisnic Well-Known Registered Posts: 141

    it was a bit of a chore tbh to get it booked in. im bpp distance learning and have sat my sims at A+training in plymouth. i did have to make various telephone calls and sent various emails as bpp were saying i had to go one of their centres (bristol or southampton were closest to plymouth!) and they kept saying it had to be one of them or supervisor at work which neither was suitable. eventually att provided me with a list of approved assessment centre and i contacted the centre and asked them if i could take the sim there, they were fine with this they just completed the forms for supervising and they requested my sim from bpp 10days before the sim. It didnt cost me anything additional - although some centres probably would charge but only think its about 30 pound

    i despise guilts still do!

    Yeah first trimester was definetley the worst im just about 15weeks now so should be an acceptable size for sitting dec exams!
  • katsutlieffkatsutlieff Trusted Regular Registered Posts: 459
    I have just discovered that Kaplin has started the AAT from their office in Crawley. I am going to give them a ring this afternoon to see if they accept external students for sims, they do for exams hurray no more trips to the big bad city!

    Have got press on with this unit, the plan was to get this and professional ethnics out of the way by Christmas which would leave the first half of next year for ECR. Don't think the plan is going to plan anymore.
  • messedup89messedup89 Experienced Mentor Registered Posts: 1,281
    CMCC? Is that different from OCMC? I did that in around 2hrs without additional questions and only did revision on the morning of the sim! Found the sims at intermediate harder than technician personally. In say that i still have my audit sim to do!
  • lisniclisnic Well-Known Registered Posts: 141
    cmcc is cash management and credit control unit 15 on disploma pathway messed up not sure what ocmc is.
  • messedup89messedup89 Experienced Mentor Registered Posts: 1,281
    ah thats the same a NVQ just different name
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